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Ideal2Assist - UK Immigration | Work Permit

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We fully appreciate how critically important it is for you to choose the right immigration lawyer to work with. After 15 years we have perfected a careful step by step process clearly focused on our understanding and satisfying your best interests which we believe you will find refreshing and reassuring.

When you call us we will have a brief discussion about your circumstances and needs to confirm whether or not we may be able to help you. We will then give you a brief explanation about how we work as detailed below and potential costs involved. If you are happy with this we will schedule a consultation.

For clients able to visit our office in London, all new cases begin with a face to face consultation appointment. If that is not possible then we can do this by Skype video or telephone. Here we will answer your questions and listen to your circumstances and needs in detail. We will then give you our best advice on the next steps to maximize the probability of success.

If we believe you have a low probability of success then we will tell you at this point before you make any further investment. Integrity and honesty are central to how we work and we will never take on a case without giving an honest prognosis up front. After 15 years of experience and 1,000's of cases we are very accurate in our predictions of success allowing you to make a sensible judgment on how much you want to invest in your case, when and how.

If you instruct us we will explain the requirements to be met, the documentation required and the process that will follow. We will tell you the cost of handling your case, what additional charges could be applicable and under what circumstances.

Whilst we offer an hourly rate service, most clients prefer our fixed fee service. This is offered once we clearly define your needs at the consultation and you confirm that you will provide all the information and documentation required.

Additional charges 'may' apply where:

  1. You later request services not agreed to at the consultation or are unable to provide the information or documentation agreed to
  2. Your case becomes more complex due to circumstances we were not aware of at the beginning or if your circumstances change during the case

We would always check with you first and confirm in writing before doing additional work you had not previously agreed to.

If we take on your case you will be asked to sign a 'Letter of Appointment' and pay a deposit on account of fees. You will be given our 'Terms of Business' and will be allocated a consultant.

Your allocated consultant is in charge of the work on your case. You are welcome to contact them at any time if you have a query about your case and they will help you. If they are not available you can leave a message, and they - or if necessary someone else - will get back to you as quickly as possible with the answer to your query, or to give other assistance.

You will appreciate that we are often not in control of how quickly other people do things such as the Home Office for example. We appreciate that it may be frustrating to be 'left in the dark' for a prolonged period but if we have nothing to tell you we will not contact you. We promise to make contact as soon as we have something to tell you.

Everything you tell us and all documentation provided is treated in the strictest confidence.