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  • This is a one of its kind, exhaustive report made by our seasoned Research Analyst briefing you whether you have good chances to get the Visa.
  • Apart from this it will also mention how you are qualified
  • What law/s or Points you are qualified by and their reference/s
  • What is the right Time to start the Process
  • Various stages and a brief of them
  • Process time involved by Ideal2Assist and other official bodies involved
  • Cost involved
  • Post landing issues and Job Search Services brief

Duration: 48-72 hours.

  • Case Officer evaluates your eligibility based on the information provided by you on line. The eligibility criteria varies from process to process depending on the attributes like Education, Level of Education , Stream of Education, Current Occupation, Total Experience, Age, Proficiency in English etc.
  • Some very fragile information may tamper your chances of getting an approval, for example if your medium of instruction at your bachelors level is not English then we need to work on a permutation and combinations like either you attempting an English Proficiency Test or If you have a Masters degree and that is in English medium and if yes then is it equaling or more qualified than the required etc. Confusing right? So now you know what we go through and what we save you from.
  • The evaluation is done not only for the country you are interested, but also for other programs depending on your interest.
  • Apart from the evaluation, the entire information pertaining to the countries like climatic conditions, about population, employment opportunities, standard of living etc., is furnished.
  • We don't generically try to adjust you to some country to qualify rather see your qualification , field of experience, earnings and marital status and number of dependents to see which place suits you the best for the biggest strategic move of your life!

Immigration being a big decision for you and your family, it will be an investment of approximately 1,000$ to 10,000$. Please note that this fee is 100% non-refundable by the immigration authority. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that you actually qualify before you apply and invest in this.

Ideal2Assist has the highest visa success rate in India for all the countries we deal with , in fact we have the statistics to prove that we hold 90% of the total visas issued for CPT USA in ASIA , never had a rejection for PR in UK , Australia and Canada (except those with fake documents ). So it's not whether you will get a VISA with us, it's JUST when.

Eligibility to a program is never generic and that's why we recommend every applicant customized options rather than giving generic ones. There is a special Research and Development Team present with seasoned people who get first hand information on all the changes that happen from day to day and how they will impact every application and adjust to the changes by making necessary recommendations.

However, in order to ensure that our success percentage remains at a high level, Ideal2Assist will conduct its own Initial review of your profile before we accept your case for processing. It is a strict recommendation and we will never accept an application without doing an IR and hope the client understand that this is for their benefit.

This is one of the reasons that most of the clients appreciate our sincerity of seeing one's eligibility and only then officially pronouncing it. We take the full service fee which is contrary to other agents who take the full money without knowing whether they are qualified or not. Ideal2Assist will accept your case only if your probability of success is high.


People will not represent themselves in a court of law without an appointed advocate and lawyer who knows the law intimately and can best put their case to the judge and jury utilizing their skills, experience and knowledge to the advantage of the client. The same applies in migration cases.

You can process your application on your own. All the information is available on net. But do remember the guidelines available are vague & generalized in nature. You need to understand & interpret the guidelines as per your age, income, academics, professional back ground, time of application & several other factors. The same set of rules apply to ten different people in ten different ways depending upon one's personal circumstances which only a true professional can understand.

In migration applications, you potentially have one chance at success, fail and you could possibly close the doors. As specialists, we ensure that you firstly apply for the right visa, and secondly we prepare your case in a manner that will guarantee the best possible opportunity for a visa grant.

We ensure that the correct information is stated on the vast number of application forms, that you present the correct supporting evidence, and we then submit a substantial submission (up to 20-120 pages depending on which country you are applying for) with your application where we address every single aspect of the applicable law, regulations and procedures manual the immigration officers use in relation to your case and the supporting evidence you supplied.

There is normally a great deal of communication and queries after a visa application is lodged with the department - mostly due to changes in circumstances, regulations or due to the long period that application processing takes. We take care of all of these questions and represent you until you obtain your visa. We are required to undertake ongoing intensive annual studies to allow us re-registration annually.

Most Common Mistakes done by the applicants if they are processing visa on their own:

  • Weak Documentation - Most of the applicants either follow some one who has applied in the past or try to interpret on their own and end up getting into unwarranted situations which might include a permanent refusal.
  • Poor Preparation - Preparation is very important on the kind of documents parameters interpreted. For example , to prove you get a certain income you need to provide an official proof attested by the Govt. , some interpret this as a Form 60 but form 60 in some countries is not accepted and no where it is written that form 60 is not accepted .
  • Presentation - This is very important considering that people who process your applications are also human beings and can make errors which might result in a serious delay. Ideal2Assist knows how to present the documents in the best way and get the results swift.
  • Free advices may lead to confusion - Giving a free advice is like asking some one to take a medicine directly from medical shop to save doctor fee, which might result life taking. Same is here, don't play with your career instead choose a specialist.
  • Believing bogus theories on how visas are issued - These are made by people who have very little at stake. You know your dream is big and a life changing strategic move so don't compromise or listen to people who might actually know nothing or have nothing to do with your result . Trust the best and assign them your career move.



  • The process would be taken further after the Service Cost is cleared.
  • The Case Officer sends detailed check list, in accordance to the chosen process giving details of the documents required methodology in which the requisite documents are to be furnished, VISA fee details at the time of submission of application at Embassy, Consulate, and High Commission VFS as applicable.
  • The Case Officer would follow up with you until the entire documentation is furnished as the requisite norms.
  • A mock Application file is filed and sent to you for your appraisal and confirmation.
  • Once confirmed, the final application file prepared, is given to the three level verification.
  • Upon the clearance of the file from the Verification department it will either be dispatched to you for submission or couriered to Immigration authorities as applicable.
  • Our Case Officer would constantly monitor the progress of your file and keeps you updated until you receive your visa and work on your case till you get your Visa


  • Case Officer would let you know the reason why you are not eligible for the particular program
  • Would sent you a detailed report on why you are not eligible
  • The Case Officer would consider your file and see if you are eligible for any other program depending on your interest
  • In case you are interested in any other process, your case would be taken further by the Case Officer


There are different packages for different programs at different levels. For instance, the cost involved in the INITIAL REVIEW REPORT (IRR) is 465$. Post the IRR depending upon the program you are interested in, the cost will be discussed with you by our Consultants. Ideal2Assist provides you with all the services mentioned below:

Ideal2Assist Full Service & Processing~:

Full Service & Processing
Use our professional services to apply for any of the programs you want to opt for. We have the experience of having processed cases from all over the world. No other consultant in the market has processed more applications than us. You can count on our experience and success.

Our terms & conditions are clear along with a transparent system & clear policies. We only accept applications that we are confident will be a success. You have to first sign up for an evaluation & we need to be certain that you stand a good chance of getting your visa before we accept your case for processing.

Our Service Costs Include~:

  • Customized Starter Kit issuance by e mail and post.
  • Orientation about the complete Application Processing , one to one by a seasoned Case Officer
  • Assistance in assessments , forms and petitions
  • A fool proof three tier check starting with a Seasoned SA , Sr. SA and the General Manager Operations
  • Will assist you Draft, Prepare & Deliver on all the documenting work which might look tedious and confusing if done by you individually. We will do this by liasoning with you directly and interpreting exactly that way it has to be.
  • Our huge database of processing more than 10,000 applications till date will help us give you clarity on the parameters of the documents required in the checklist, apart from this we would also be able to suggest you on alternative documents when you feel if it's impossible to provide a required one.
  • Prepare you for telephonic, personal or any kind of interview.


  1. You can decide to do an IRR 
  2. You can decide to pay in options which are available on HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT or a consultant will guide you appropriately
  3. You will fill up the online application. You will then receive your Registration ID once the SERVICE COST is cleared
  4. Your Initial Review Report will be made in less than 72 hours
  5. You can take time to review the report and decide whether to go for full service
  6. If you decide to go for the full service you can know the costs by our consultant on to SERVICE COST and choose a payment option and can assign a Service
  7. Finance team confirms the payment and you will be allotted with an exclusive to work on the Petition 
  8. Your executive will e-mail you the check list and will conduct an orientation where you will be educated and guided on each future step.